May 26, 2010

a splash of colour - Sex and The City

After yesterdays 'goldwash' post, I've gone in search of colour today. My biggest problem is that all my favourite local retailers are in winter mode. The charcoal, black and navy colour pallette is a far cry from the exotic middle east flavour the fabulous 4 ladies encounter in Sex and The City 2. I did find some great inspiration from the portfolio of photographer Pia Ulin
These images sum up the look i'm chasing. I have turned to the UK based retailer Dutch By Design, which you can probably guess stocks pieces inspired by the Dutch design aesthetic.
First up is this Multi Colour Gypsy Chandelier which is a great eclectic mix of bright colours.
Next I found this String Door Curtain, perfect for making a grand entrance Samantha style!
and lastly while not middle eastern, this JuJu Hat feather cushion has the right amount of colour and fabulousness to be included here. It's actually modelled on a headdress of royalty in the African country Cameroon. Fun though right?
I'll off to try and track down more vibrant coloured goodies.

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