May 10, 2010

pretty out - emma kisstina

You know all the things that make it fun to be a girly girl? Well talented swedish artist Kristina Hultkrantz, aka Emma Kisstina, has captured them all beautifully in her fun and light style.
A pretty perfume, like Miss Dior Cherie? - Check
Killer Heels? Check
Nail polish in pretty pinks? got that too
Anything missing? Oh what about a cocktail to sip on.
Raise your Cosmo ladies - here it is!
Check out the etsy store, as well as the blog and flickr for my female fabulousness!

1 comment:

  1. Hi I'm the artist. I just found this post. Thanks so much for featuring me on your gorgeous brightened my day. You are too sweet! xoxo



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