May 13, 2010

feet warmers

After the coldest May night in 4 years last night, I have found myself embracing my ugg boots for another chilly winter. I love my uggs and maintain a strict indoor only policy with them. I have found another alternative for keeping feet warm from a very stylish lady living in New Zealand.
 Holland Designs has a range of crochet patterns for sale which allows you to create some stylish indoor footwear.
Don't they look super comfy and not the least bit daggy! 
There's also a stylish alternative for men with the Mens Oxford Loafers
Also for those worried about your ankles getting cold then these Cabled Cuff Boots are for you
All these patterns are from the Adult Slipper section of the store. Holland Design also caters for little feet and heads with a range of booties, slippers and hats for kids. Check them all out in the etsy store.
Now I just need to learn how to crochet!

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