August 31, 2009

Good hair day

Having short hair for the first time in my life this year has presented me with new challenges in having good hair days.
I currently have an extensive and boring bobby pin collection and a few headbands.
I would love to add some of these beautiful headbands from Old Soul New Heart.

Image of Triple Threat Headband by Old Soul New Heart (What a great brand name!)

August 28, 2009

Arabian Nights

I recently illustrated a Morrocan style light for a dinner invite at a lebanese restaurant.
Since then I have been fascinated with the beautiful cut work in these lights.

This image is from one of my favourite blogs A Creative Mint.
In fact everything in this colour collection is beautiful. I love that there is a hint of black to add some edginess to all the pretty pinks.

August 27, 2009

Polli craving

I already have a lusting for the beautiful jewellery over at Polli, but now have a new craving for their beautiful tealights.
Imagine the patterns they will shoot around your room when lit!
I think the Kimono pattern is my fav, but I love that the trees at Manly beach have inspired the Sapling design.
Perhaps I just need one of each!

...deep breath

Let's get started shall we.....


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