May 3, 2010

a pretty escape - freya art

Today I want to share something that I think is just so pretty and a lovely escape for us all on a Monday. Let's step into the darling world of illustrator Freya from freya-art
{Garden - Let's plant our dreams in this garden and entwine oursleves like vines}
I like a good inspiration poster and places like etsy are full of them, but with all the "Keep Calm and Carry Ons", it's nice to come across original, beautiful prints with a message so sweet as this above.
There is just so much to like in Freya's work. I find her style to have a lovely innocence to it. I like the idea of surrounding yourself with little messages of hope and happiness at home and even at work (where it may be needed more). I adore this bottom piece, Skimming Stars - "We came to sit and dangle our feet off the edge of the world and skim stars across the sky". Just beautiful and delivered through the lovely hand drawn typeface.
The other prints shown here are Without You I Would Be Lost and All The Most Beautiful Things.
I discovered Freya's work through her website, but you can purchase her piece from the etsy store too.
These artworks and more are available in large and medium prints as well as greeting cards. I think these would be lovely gifts - perhaps for mother's day!

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