May 1, 2010

colour crush - Chrysophrase

Just what exactly is Chrysophrase you might ask. Well I had never heard of it before, but now know that it is a gemstone in one of my favourite colour tones.
It was these Chrysoprase and Silver Pebble Studs from ashley jewelry that introduced me to Chrysophrase. What would you call the colour of the gemstone: apple green or maybe sea green? It's slighter bluer than jade and can't be described as green or even aqua.
Being a natural gem the colours can vary from deeper shades to a paler almost jade colour. These earings are from an incredible jewellery etsy store - briguys girls. Here are 2 more pieces from the same shop featuring the same stone.
While I like the faceted pendant above, I am totally smitten with the bottom piece and it is quickly up high on my wish list. I love the combination of the cool coloured smooth tear drop stone and the delicate silver leaf shaped pieces.
I'm also reminded of some Dinosaur Design pieces which embrace this colour.
Both these pieces are from the Bamboo collection which is a few years old now but still a favourite of mine.
The bottom Dinosaur pieces remind me of Celadon pottery - the glaze used in asian ceramics.
This is a photo a bowl which is part of my mum's collection of Celadon - perhaps this is where my love for this colour comes from!
Whatever it's called - this is my current (and pretty constant) colour crush!

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