May 12, 2010

make work (more) fun

For some lucky people out there, work is actually a fun or at least enjoyable part of life. For others it's a bit of a drag. I'm a tiny bit of one, but sadly more of the second. Wouldn't it be great to find some ways to make any work more fun? Well lucky for us all places like Upon A Fold have a few cool and quirky products that could inject some happiness to the daily grind. They have collected some cool products from all around the world and I have picked out a few here to show you.

I know there are plenty of alternatives for the humble yellow post-it note, but these Match Post Its are by far the coolest I've seen.
I really like the retro styling of the packaging as well and would happily have these on my desk.
Next up are some "collaboration" tools. Well, it's paper you can scrunch up and throw around the office!
These Play More More More notepads are practical and lined on one side, while on the other they are printed with patterns that let you scrunch them into balls and kick about ideas with your colleagues.
Last, but not least is a great stationary product for tech-heads out there. I know  sit in lots of meetings with people who place their iPhone on the table in front of them. I would really like one of these Notepods in front of me and get to note taking in a traditional way!
There's even a iPad version already, which if I'm quick, could mean I beat my techy colleagues to the punch with having an iPad to take to meetings! I love fun stuff like this and am so pleased places like Upon A Fold bring them all together for us. Check out the website and blog here and find some papery wonderfulness for yourself.

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