May 5, 2010

simple pretty - pigeon toe ceramics

I have something so lovely and so pretty to share today. Last week I came across Pigeon Toe Ceramics and I have been thinking a lot about their lovely range of homewares.
This range of Mason Jar pieces is a combination of beautiful white porcelain and a vintage bottle shape. I love the label font 'Kerr'. We used to have a lot of these types of jars and cans around when I was young as my mum used to do a lot of preserved fruit and jams using her pressure cooker. I loved the way the sliced fruit would glow when the sun came behind them all stacked on top of the kitchen cupboards. I love the way these pieces have been turned into lighting themselves and the also get a lovely glow when lit.

Here are some more wonderful Pigeon Toe products. This aesthetic is my all time favourite - matt white with unexpected details like a pop of colour or a unique shape.
top: Volcano Bud Vase in Wheat - I love the yellow on the inside, but its also a great squat shape to add to a collection of taller vases maybe.
bottom left: Cast Pharmacy Bottle - another re-purposed vintage piece. Old medicine jars have been popular for a long time, but as vintage glass pieces. I think the porcelain casting gives it a modern and fresh look.
bottom right: Hanging Test Tube Vase} - these would be great hanging in front of a window with fresh cut flowers. I'm terrible at buying flowers for my home, but think they look so good. With these little bud vases I could snip a single bloom from our garden and have it on show (without stripping my few flowering garden plants!)
{Scribble Nesting Bowls} I love this colour combination - wheat and aqua!
In the etsy profile the last sentence I think sums things up wonderfully "Clean and tactile, white and pure". Everything I love in ceramics.
Check out the Pigeon Toe Etsy store, but for a world of delights visit their website to see the full product collection. While there also have a look at the process of creating a piece of Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

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