May 6, 2010

pretty inspiration - in the air

After a pretty hectic and non-creative period in my work-life in the past few months, I'm finally getting some time to look around for design inspiration. Today I looked at Behance for the first time in months and was immediately rewarded with some eye candy from Los Angeles based photographer Julia Galdo.
Julia's Behance portfolio features her In The Air series of wonderful images. Part fashion shoot, part artworks these images have such a beautiful feel to them. The model floating in each scenario looks effortless and somehow natural.
 I love the colour combinations in all these shots. The yellow tights against the orange door and the purple leggings above the yellow and green field. I also think the turf hat in this one above is quirky and cool
You can see more of Julia's work at her website or in Behance portfolio. If you love colour and fashion, check out the Color Steps series - very cool!

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