May 27, 2010

look the part - Sex and The City

I can't have a week seeking inspiration from the new Sex and The City movie without involving fashion.
Luckily for me a little while back I discovered the wonderful website Polyvore. It's chock full of incredible clothes, shoes and accessories but my favourite part of the site is the create section where you get to put together incredible outfits using designer clothing labels like Diane Von Furstenberg and Alexander McQueen and unbelievably cool shoes by Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. In essence it's a girls dream! I think of it as the modern day equivalent of paper dolls!
Not only can you browse amazing pieces, and of course find out where to purchase them should you be so lucky, but you can create mood boards using your fave designer pieces. There are some very talented people who are doing amazing mood boards - you can browse them all here.
I've picked out a few which I think would not be out of place in Sex and The City 2 with bright colours, amazing shoes and an overall feel suitable for camel rides across sand dunes - well maybe not suitable, but very chic!
Enjoy and go play at Polyvore for yourself!

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