May 28, 2010

geometric gems - Sex and The City

Bernabeifreeman are a duo whos cut lace lights and screens are featured in many fabulous locations locally and around the worldwide. I especially love their lace lights, but more appropriately for my theme this week, they have partnered with Designer Rugs to create an incredible range of rugs in their own graphic style.
Applique - 100% Wool Rug
 Brodie - Wool and Silk rug
With a strong geometric feel, I think that any one of these rugs adds an element of Arabian style to any room anywhere in the world. They would certainly be an amazing feature piece! I actually think they look very much like the light patterns you get from Moroccan style lanterns.
Bias - 100% Wool Rug, with a peek of a Lace screen in the background
Check out the full range of bernbeifreeman Designer Rugs here, and also view all the great range of lighting, screens and more at bernbeifreeman.

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