May 10, 2010

design inspired - posters

It's been a while since I had a browse around the world for graphic design inspiration. Over the weekend I picked up some copies of IDN magazine which I buy quite regularly but never get as much time as I would like to pour over the pages. It's with this in mind that today I share with you some cool poster from London based designers Binary & The Brain.
These guys have some really cool pieces in their portfolio, but I particularly like these 2 posters (which they sell). The Birds and Better Than Nothing posters have an Escher-esq factor which I like. My grandfather was an engineer and very mathematical man who introduced me to the works of  M C Escher at a young age. I used to love finding all the intricacies in each piece. I can see the influence in the birds poster particularly, but love the way the guys have added a typographic twist. I'm on the look out for a cool, but grown-up poster to frame for a wall on our stairwell. I would like something with personality but also is a cool piece of graphic art.

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