May 7, 2010

pretty escape - Daria Jabenko

I love finding talented ladies out there who are making a living being creative. Today I invite you to escape into the lovely world of Illustrator Daria Jabenko.
Daria has a lovely, elegant and feminine style that has seen her work commercially as an Illustrator for clients like Conde Nast Germany and magazines Cosmopolitan and Madame. I often see illustrations, like Daria's in magazines and wonder who is behind them. What a great way to earn a living!
I am particularly fond of the jewellery featured in all these pieces. My mum used to make big ornate earrings just like these which I'm lucky to have these days. I always enjoy drawing this type of jewellery as it's full of swirls and curls. See Daria's editorial work on her website and enjoy the prettiness of it all!

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