May 18, 2010

living wall art

A while ago I saw some examples of Parisian vertical gardens which blew my mind. The master of this area is Patrik Blanc who has made this type a garden a true artform.
Vertical Gardens or Le Mur Vegetal are living works of art, which require no soil and are kept alive through built in watering systems. It is almost like painting with plants with care taken in selecting plants by colour and texture to create these breathtaking buildings. Companies as varied as Cartier and McDonalds have invested in Patrik Blanc's vertical gardens to embellish their buildings. See some of the amazing examples of his 'installations' on his website.
I really like the idea of a vertical herb garden for people like me who are a little space challenged. Our home has a nice sunny courtyard that could really do with some greenery. I have found a local company called Lushe who are vertical garden enthusiasts and sell systems for us mere mortals to try and emulate the great work of Patrik Blanc. They also document different types of vertical gardens they have come across like the
the edible wall in an LA Pizza restaurant.
or this Maze vertical garden which I think look great and no surprise that it comes from uber-cool US retailer CB2.

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  1. Love those vertical gardens.




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