March 18, 2010

silver cocoon - jewellery

I took a peek over at the Uniform Project the other week and was quite taken with a piece of jewellery Sheena was wearing. It was donated by Silver Cocoon and I instantly went and sought this brand out. Silver Cocoon creates wonderful jewellery from felted wool & acrylic and the result is interesting, sculptural pieces that I want to wear!
Sheena from the Uniform Project is rocking the Hive Acrylic necklace - see my earlier post all about the feel good project. An accompanying piece is the Hive felt cuff in those 5 great colours.
The talented Tia Salmela Keobounpheng is the artist behind these pieces. She applies influences from her Finnish background as well as a childhood enriched by her architect father. I think you can see the scandinavian design aesthetic as well as structual, architectural influences in these designs. I love the shapes in these pieces.
The felt coil bracelet goes straight to the top of my wish list - and I think that this would be my colour pick to. I love this green, but there are plenty of other vibrant and also muted colours to choose from. Each bracelet is handmade by Tia so you will certainly get a unique piece.
I really like this shape that appears in quite a few pieces. I have used similar shapes in artwork - it's actually part of my own logo I use on illustrations I do, so I would love to wear this shape.
top: Chain Acrylic Necklace ::: bottom left: Pod Acrylic Earrings ::: bottom right: Drape Wood Earrings 
There is (of course) an etsy shop, an online store, a blog and to learn more about Tia there is an interview with her here at Nordic Reach

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