March 3, 2010

the look - Alice in Wonderland

In my past working life I have worked with stylists on photoshoots and by far the best part of the job was to take part in creating wonderful images. My favourite shoot were when we were photographing home accessories around colour palette themes. It is quite fascinating to watch a blank studio being transformed into a whole new environment. Today as part of the Alice in Wonderland series, I though I would take a look at stylists who have produced images influenced by the classic Lewis Carroll story.
This image is by stylist Deb Mclean. The combination of the bunnies with the greenery (reminiscent of a hedge maze) and the bold black and white stripes all combine to give an 'Alice' feel. You might recall a previous post I did about Deb. She is the incredible lady who takes the amazing iPhone images. Check out her blog Busy Being Fabulous (don't you wish you were busy being faulous? I do!) Also see flickr + portfolio
This image is by Lucas Allen, a New York based Australian stylist. I think it could be described as a modern take on the Alice them. I'm not sure what drew me to this image, but the black and white graphic feel is something I associate with Alice In Wonderland. I'll probably need to watch the older movies to find out why!
Another image by Lucas of a lush, green and very English hedge. I am certainly seeing a colour palette here - black, white and grass green.
A new find of mine is stylist Irina Graewe - discovered via Decor8.
Irina has done a series of still life images themed Fairy Tales and these are the few that for me seemed to be Alice inspired.
Check out more of Irina's work here.
This is one talented stylist with a wonderful portfolio. She really adds a unique style to her images, whether through explosive colour accents or quirky, unexpected details. She goes from the quirky images above to these super pretty soft images.
This is certainly a stylist I will be visiting regularly for inspiration!
I hope you enjoyed todays wonderland visit!

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