March 11, 2010

colour blast - h&m home

With a slight chill in the air and the official change of season (date wise anyway), I thought I would look for a splash of colour out there. I headed to h&m home and checked out their Spring 2010 collections. As the northern hemisphere gears itself up for warmer temperatures, the euro retailer has loads of bright homewares to welcome spring.
Purple is such a big colour now, both for winter down here and also spring on the other side of the world.
Hot pink leopard print seems to be popular too. Not sure it's my thing, but the images look great.
One thing I think Europeans do very well is embrace the outdoors in summer by really putting effort into doing up an outdoor table with bright linen and fresh flowers. I think in Australia we are spoilt by so much pleasant weather, that we often don't make the effort to do this. It can look so good too as these shots show.
What's more, you could then (maybe) even take delight in washing up..... only if you have these fabulous tea towels to dry with.
Having said that though it would be a shame to ruin these by actually using them :-)
My favourite of this bunch is definitely the "I'll do it soon" - my cleaning mantra
Now if you would like to browse this h&m home range, you will need to navigate in foreign languages. It seems the home range is only available in the online shops, which are only available for Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland, Norway or Sweden. So take an adventure, pick your language here and get inspired by the European spring.

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