March 5, 2010

what would Alice wear? - Alice in Wonderland

To finish up Alice week I thought I would find an answer to the question of what I think would Alice wear. I certainly feel I have found a lady with a great vintage style and a real eye for dressing. Let me introduce you to Eleonore Bridge.
Eleonore authors an incredible blog - le blog de la mechante or Mean girls blog. I have had one of these pink tutu pictures in my Flickr favourites for a while, but only this week ventured over to see the full image set and discovered this incredible blog. These photos were taken around Notre Dame on a wintry Paris day. This outfit is so fabulous and makes me so envious when I learn that the pieces come from chain stores - the pink tutu skirt is from Top Shop and the woolly tights H&M.

Here is another set of wonderful images - again the bubble skirt is H&M, the funky apple belt Topshop. Eleonore is so painfully chic and I am so envious of her style (and her wardrobe).I am thrilled she likes to play dress-ups and photograph them all as it is so much fun to look through!

More H&M pieces - the dress and bow belt. I don't know about you but I think it would be hard to be seen in public with Eleonore as she just looks so fabulous all the time - I suppose this should be expected for a Parisian lady. Check out the gallery of labelled My Style which showcases Eleonore in her everyday outfits.Oh to be so chic!
There is also a gallery of Alice In Wonderland photos which are a lot of fun - but I prefer to think of the modern Alice dressing exactly as Eleonore does, so I think I have found my modern day Alice.
I hope you enjoy this bit of Friday inspiration :-)

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