January 20, 2010

Feel Good Fashion - the Uniform Project

Ever look in your closet and think you have nothing to wear even though there physically is no more space to fit any more clothes? I had a moment recently where I looked at my wardrobe and my drawers... and my chest and thought "I have way too much clothing". I have been pondering doing a re-evaluation of all my stuff and cutting back my clothing to a core set. More importantly I want to establish my 'look'. I'm not sure what that is exactly, but think I might actually try and define it with some mood boards.
It seems like fate now that yesterday I cam across the Uniform Project. It's a fascinating project on so many layers.
The main concept is 1 dress worn every day for a whole year. Sheena Matheiken, the projects founder and creative force (and clothes horse) takes the same black dress and creates a new look every day with accessories, layers, hats and shoes. This in itself is a wonderful concept to watch. The nice twist is that some of the add-ons are donated.

Here is the dress on day 1 as a 'blank canvas'. There are plans to sell this dress. After you look at the amazing versatility Sheena and the dress designer and creative partner, Eliza Starbuck get every single day out of it you can certainly see that it would be a great wardrobe staple. It can be worn both ways round, under over and around all sorts of clothing and accessories. This is certainly a uniform I would be happy to wear.

Above is a snapshot of some of the September outfits.
You can view by the month or individual days. Beginning last May this dress has already been through a northern hemisphere (New York to be exact) summer, autumn, winter and a recent trip to India.

Day 45. Sun, June 14 2009 The uniform dress is extended a fabulous wedding outfit.


Day 234. Sun, December 20 2009 All rugged up for the snow in Brooklyn

Day 256. Mon, January 11 2010 A day in Mumbai
The second aspect and more noble aspect of the Uniform Project is that it is all to benefit the Akanksha Foundation which works to fund the education of  kids from India's slums.
You can find lots more out about the project, the foundation and the recent India trip over at the Uniform Project Blog.
It is really an inspiring project and certainly has brought my whole wardrobe excesses to the front of my mind.

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  1. Hi there, This is Jessica from The Uniform Project.
    Thank you so much for this lovely post! We are constantly amazed and inspired by everyone's support and creativity (donations, ideas, stories etc) lent to our project. We really couldn't do it without you guys. And by the by, we are looking for stylish folk to wear our little black dress next year: http://www.theuniformproject.com/home/subscribe.html
    Cheers from the U.P!



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