March 15, 2010

Beautiful Afterlife - Something To See

As our southern hemisphere days get shorter and the air a little crispy, the end of summer is upon us. Far from being sad about this, I am really looking forward to the seasonal change. Unfortunately we don't get the full autumn colour explosions everywhere, but it is certainly worth a day trip from Sydney up to the Blue Mountains to see the bright red, flaming yellow and burnt orange leaves. I'm hoping to do a day trip up to Leura. With Autumn colours firmly in my mind I came across these beautiful images from a series called 'Beautiful Afterlife' by Something To See on Fickr.
The super talented Kim Carney captures the beauty that still exists in these plants beyond their accepted life-span.

The colour captured in these fading hydrangeas provides an amazing colour combination - makes me want to do a little colour palette like Kris's Colour Stripes
I think one of the most appealing parts of these images is the translucency of the petals. Coupled of course with the talented lady behind the camera I find these photos to have a really dreamy quality - even though they are simply dead flowers!
Check out the full Beautiful Afterlife set here as well as all the Flickr images from this talented lady and if you're still wanting more please see Kim's blog

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  1. Wow, how did I miss this wonderful post about ME ;) Thank you so very much for seeing the beauty I also see. That is so very, very kind of you! xoxo Kim



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