March 1, 2010

all things alice

I've decided to theme all my posts this week around Alice In Wonderland. To celebrate the visual feast that (from the trailers anyway) Tim Burton's take on the classic fairytale, I will explore both the visual style and creative themes of this much anticipated movie. I myself am really looking forward to seeing the movie in 3D.
Have a peek at the trailer here on YouTube.
Of course, one of the most iconic images in the build up to this movie has been Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter character.
I think all the characters look amazing! I especially like Matt Lucas as Tweedledum and Tweedledee!
Check out all the above pics and more on IMDB.


  1. Any insights into Tim Burton's warped mind is an eductaion in the bizarre and fantastic! Im waiting to see this movie too. The visuals will be beautiful and im already intrigued by the hair/makeup and costumes.

  2. I am looking forward to just sitting back and enjoying the craziness of Mr Burton. Johnny Depp doesn't hurt either - even in Mad Hatter gear!



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