March 24, 2010

classic dance

Those who know me already know that dance is a part of who I am. In fact it is such a part of my life that I often don't even mention it. It's so naturally a part of me I assume everyone knows already. 
I am completely thrilled to come across these amazing images from the New York Public Library archives.
 I stumbled across this wonderful collection on Flickr. The photos are from the Denishawn Dance Company who performed in the first few decades of last century.
I love the movement caught in these images and the wonderful costumes. They are so intricate and ornate. You can only imagine the work that went into these in the era where every single jewel would have been hand sewn into place.

Check out the complete collection on Flickr here and for a full on experience go for a wander through the online photo archives of the New York Public Library. Warning - you might lose a few hours of time as you travel back in time!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! The detail is excuisite, the symmetrical flutter of the skirt, the impossibly arched hand flick in the second photo and all the fineary...
    Have bookmarked the flickr group for some serious time killing tonight :)



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