March 22, 2010

indoor camping - a girls tee-pee

Last Friday evening, I found myself watching the movie The Holiday. Admittedly this was mostly due to Jude Law (hot!) but there was one enchanting scene involving an indoor tent/tee-pee that I loved. You can check it out here on YouTube (flick forward to about the 5:48 mark). Jude Laws character has 2 little girls and they have created a girly extravaganza in their bedroom!
This is the movie tent - but I have found some real-world examples too.
I would use one of these as a reading nook to hide away with a good book. Seems that Tonya from Lifeamundo had the same thought.
I came across this on Flickr, but the instructions are from another blogger. Rachel from Smile and Wave gives step-by-step instructions for creating one of these little nooks for yourself.
So now we've got instructions we can get onto the fun part of dressing our tee-pee! First we need some bed linen, cushions and throws.
I think this Anoushka bedlinen from Kas Australia would be lovely in my tee-pee. I really like the crochet throw, you can just see it in green where the model is holding the sheets. I think it would be lovely to snuggle under. It reminds me of crochet blankets we used to have when we were kids - I still have mine stored away somewhere but the colours are a bit of a 70's mix - pinks, browns, greens, blues - every colour really!
Next we need some beautiful fabric for draping. For that I have popped over to Mokum Textiles. I have fallen in love with this beautiful range called Dauphine - see the brochure here. I love the colours and the patterns in this range. So beautiful and romantic! It also comes in a pink range.
The Dauphine range was inspired by 18th Century pre-revolutionary France and I think would look wonderful draped over a bed frame or a post, tee-pee style. I like that it is mixed in with neutral grey and taupe to keep it from being too pastel.
Check back tomorrow and I will continue to fit out my reading nook with all sorts of pretty things!

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  1. Gosh thanks for including me in this post. I love when someone lets me know when they use a photo in a post but I'm not crazed about someone telling me unless they were portraying it as their own work. Knowing you made some sweeties blog makes a gal feel wanted.



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