December 14, 2009

White Wonderland

Are you ready to be impressed and say 'wow' out loud?
Well that is my reaction to these simply stunning Christmas inspired images by Deb McLean.

Beautiful right? Now for the WOW moment - these are all taken with an iPhone! How incredible is that? The lighting, the composition and the depth is all achieved with an iPhone.
Check out all the images here at her wonderfully named blog  - Busy Being Fabulous - and fabulous she certainly is. Here are some more wonderful iPhone "shoots" Deb has done.

The above 3 images are from the 'Pastel China Study'
I love these images especially for their beautiful muted tones and soft focus.
Check out all of Deb McLean's iphone love over here. Ahh makes me want to pick up a camera to record some of my little treasures at home!
It should probably not come as a surprise that Deb puts all her talent to use as a stylist. She has a really quirky style and you can expect to see more of her images popping up in this blog in the future! See her portfolio for yourself over at her website.

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