February 26, 2010

bird is the word - bird textile

I had the pleasure of spending a significant amount of time sitting in traffic a few nights ago in Sydney's Surry Hills. It was only a pleasure due to the time I was able to spend peeking in the windows of Bird Textile's store.
The store is a homewares, fashion & gift store all based around wonderful prints. Unfortunately the shop was closed at the time but it is now on my wish list for a visit one day.
These lampshades are just a tiny sample of the amazing prints available. I can't describe the joy this find has given me. The print style is so much in line with my own aesthetic, not to mention the colour palette containing all my favourites!

 Brooches to add a little style to any outfit
Bird Textile create and sell a wonderful range of products all with their signature style. From buttons and brooches, to bolts of fabrics, cushions and clothes. All the prints are designed in the Byron Bay studio and every aspect of the company is eco-friendly. It is an climate neutral business and it seems that sustainability is the number one priority of the company founder, Rachel Bending. read more about the company here.
Otherwise enjoy this sampling of Bird Textile and understand why I enjoyed the traffic jam so much!

I could easily find a couch to house these cushions on
 ... and these eye pillows filled with lavender and linseed would also be a welcome addition!

Pick a petticoat skirt in the fabric of your choice. I like this vine leaves pattern in Peat.

These handmade soaps are available naked or dressed. I think the dressed ones would make a lovely gift. If you agree with me, you can buy them, and everything else too, online.
Happy weekend!

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