February 9, 2010

pretty pottery - Whitney Smith

As promised, I am sharing with you my pretty 'find' for today - Whitney Smith Pottery. I can't remember the path that lead me there, but I stumbled on the etsy store this morning and there was no looking back - I was hooked!
I am partial to small vessels, be they glass vases or little clay pots. My mum is certainly the influence there. She has all sorts of collections of bottles and pots. Couple that with an art-deco influence and you have my heart, as Whitney now has.
There is a vintage feel to the piece, both in the colours and texture of the glazes.
I love these stylised bird pieces (even though it breaks my self-induced bird ban)

These pieces really get my decorative heart beating - and look no birds!
{top left} Dogwood Flower Lidded Vessel {top right} Large Red Poppy Plate (check out the detailed centre) {bottom} Small White Pomegranate - a beautiful way to display a single bloom (i'm swooning!)
And the amazing picture in my (100th!!!) preview post is from the artists studio which Whitney shares with us all on flickr.
As well as an etsy store, there is a website where you can find a bit more about Whitney and her journey of embracing her creativity and becoming a full time potter. I also discovered her Lichen Collection here.
These beauties are also available on etsy as set of  7 nested bowls. They look great all nestled together but also as stand alone pieces.

If you want even more, check out the artist's blog. It's a great insight into the trial and joys of a professional artist.

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