February 6, 2010

finally - my blog ID

It has at times felt like the hardest thing to sit down and create, but finally this weekend I have got it together and designed my blog header! There are a few colour variations, but I have gone with the red for now (perhaps inspired by my valentines post). I'm certain that I will change my mind and mix it up now and then - but overall I am quite happy and relieved. I ended up using some floral illustrations I did a good 18 months ago.One day I hope to design prints for cards, fabric etc. but for now I can release my creative expression here.


  1. Worth the wait elsa, it looks just lovely! I enjoy reading your blog so much - thank for inspiring me every day.
    C x

  2. Lovely! I can just picture your illustration on fabric. What else have you been hiding?!

  3. Thanks :-) it feels so good to get it done and get back into my illustrations. I scanned a heap of my doodles over the weekend and have tried to promise myself to spend some time being creative this year!



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