February 17, 2010

time for a change

Today I decided it's time I made a change. Nothing too dramatic though, i'm only talking about my work mug. I gave my current one a good clean today, but it's looking tired and I could do with adding something a little pretty to my work-life. I will look into this further but for now I have found some mugs from a UK based homewares store Cloudberry Living. They specialise in scandinavian homewares and I love popping by every now and then just to see what they stock. I think it's nice to see different options from what you get in local stores.
I have found a perfect work mug.
This is the ISAK Leaf Cup with an oak lid. I am constantly getting distracted and leaving a half cup of tea behind, only to return to a luke-warm cuppa. The oak lid is added to keep warmth in and I also think it's a nice stylish touch. I certainly prefer it to normal thermal mug options.
Another fun find on Cloudberry Living was these Sami Rinne Angel, Bat and Deer mugs.
 I like the idea of something fun - but am I batty or an angel? Somedays it's hard to know!

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