February 22, 2010

aussie pride

Don't be scared, this has nothing to do with sporting achievements! The phrase Aussie pride is getting thrown around quite a lot with the winter Olympics (and sporting events in general). Today I am full of local pride, but the source is some amazing (and surprisingly long-standing) Australian fashion and accessory companies.
My discoveries came over the weekend reading an issue of Madison magazine.
The cover is pretty hard to miss with the gorgeous Miranda Kerr dressed in an Aussie flag inspired dress.
All the fashion featured in this issue is by Australian designers and there is a great article - Aussie Heroes which tells the history of iconic Australian fashion brands. These aren't the brands that traditionally get pushed overseas as iconic Australian fashion, but the ones you and I no doubt shop in (or want to!).
I was truly surprised to read about the long histories of some of these companies. Cue has been selling runway trend-inspired fashion since it opened a Strand Arcade Sydney store in 1968, the first Sportsgirl store opened in Melbourne way back in 1948 and Sussan started out in 1939 selling hosiery and lingerie.

I may be showing my age, but this is exactly how I remember Sportsgirl from my teen years reading Dolly magazine!
The biggest surprise for me was Wittner shoes which was founded way back in 1912 and is still run be the same family which founded it!
Wittner Shoes - 1926

Wittner Shoes - 2010 - they have come a long way!
You can read the Aussie Heroes article from Madison here and also if you can, get a copy of the magazine. It's a great showcase of Australian fashion. My favourite is a story celebrating the Bonds Hipster. There are some incredible photos with amazing jewellery which I'm going to try and hunt down to show you here.

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