January 11, 2010

Get crafty

Want to learn how to make these?
This very cool and crafty little birdcage garland is courtesy of Laurie Cinotto. I went on a bit of a journey after first spotting them over at Creature Comforts, which led me to the full instructions here at The Brides Cafe.
It's a great little decorating idea and the instructions are really detailed and make it seem quite easy!

For more great crafty ideas had over to Lauries own blog - La La Laurie.
This is one talented lady.

I really like these little birds in this garland, once again created for a wedding site with all the instructions and templates.
I actually have recently added up the number of birds I have around our home as decorations and have reached capacity. Any more and I will be like a cat-lady but with inanimate bird objects!
There is something really appealing about bird shapes in decor items - but I need to find something new! That can be part of my new year goals - a new decorating motif!

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