February 1, 2010

more yellow & black

I just went over to etsy for a quick fix of prettiness in an otherwise crazy Monday. Low and behold, it seems someone there is on the same wavelength as me with my current colour crush of yellow mixed with black and white.
This is their current handpicked collection on the homepage. 
Instantly my eye went to the amazing shoes, they are actually shoe clips which can attach to plain shoes to give them a bit of pizzazz! Cool right?
Next I spotted the feathered hair comb, a beautiful way to add some style to your hair! The shop is full of more feathered treats.
Then of course are the paper butterflies by the gilded bee. This is the same shop where I spotted the gorgeous paper flowers on my inspiration hunt for the deco job on my little bathroom.
Pop over to etsy today and find your fav - but beware this collection will only be on the home page for a short time!

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