February 11, 2010

Screen dreams

A few times I have yearned to find a local supplier of cut-work screens, like Brocade Home use in their furniture or as seen in Tine K Home Moroccan inspired screens I loved last September. Today I have come pretty close with Kif and Katast. I was actually browsing a gallery of Urban Garden Glamour on the Homelife site, when the Gingko laser cut panel caught my eye.
 As a pleasant surprise, there was a link to the Kif & Katast website. The Melbourne based company actually began as a design/branding studio but have now expanded their empire to product design and a fabulous online store with all sorts of goodies!
As well as the Gingko screen design, there is also a Brazillian Orchid Tree screen (below).
As this picture shows, these screens make just a big statement indoors as they do outdoors.
Check out the blog which showcases some of the installation work the company did for Design Ex 2009, like a bench version of the Gingko screen design.
There is also a range of glass splashbacks also featured on their blog.
These are samples of shower screens. Certainly a great feature piece for a bathroom reno.
This discovery is so full of fabulousness, I could go on for a lot longer. The company have a stationery range for sale on their website as well as loads of other goods from a range of designers.
For anyone in Melbourne, there is also a Prahan store on Malvern Road.
Check it all out here - Kif and Katast

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