February 25, 2010

happiness is... letterpress

I'm pretty sure I have expressed my passion for type before, so today I'm celebrating the happiness I have found through some lovely letterpress posters and cards.
Letterpress is an old printing technique which leaves an impression in the paper so you get that lovely tactile sensation when you run your fingers over the printed image.
Just the other day I posted the lovely Smile print by Hijirik and today I have some more of her work to share. The above image is from the greeting card collection in her etsy store. It's a clever set using the alphabet theme - A is for Anniversary, X is for xoxo, H is for Happiness...etc
As the close up shows, the paper is lovely, thick100% cotton, which shows off that great imprinted letterpress effect. Hijiri also uses eco-friendly soy ink and each piece is hand printed - quite a lot of work I imagine!

The above print is from a set called 'Live what you love'. Again all handprinted using letterpress. To see this process in action, pop over the the blog.

Hijiri has documented the process of printing one of these posters. It's quite fascinating to see the letterpress machine in action. It really makes you appreciate the work and attention that is given to every single piece.
You can check out these and more on etsy, the blog, flickr and her own website for her freelance design work. Enjoy

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