February 16, 2010

pom pom please

Ever since I spotted the picture of Sheena from the Uniform Project wearing this funky winter outfit with the fabulous pom pom necklace, I have wanted one! That particular piece is by Icelandic designer, Elín Bríta, but I can't seem to find much about her online.
Instead I turned to etsy and have 2 amazing shops to share with you.
First up is Gray Design. This shop is full of great hand-knitted winter woollies including the Winter Storm Pom Pom Necklace and the Creamy Cowl with Pom-pom Brooch. I love the idea of the neck cowl. It goes on over your head and can be arranged to suit your outfit. Check out the full range here and see some examples of how good they look for winter.
Next up is A Alicia Handmade Accessories. This shop is full of awesome accessories that add personality to outfits.
{top} Acid Flamingo Necklace - made from fairtrade, naturally dyed organic material, this piece certiainly ticks all my boxes - including my latest colour crush
{bottom left} Pale Grey Blossom small felt corsage brooch - I've never considered a corsage before, probably because all I think of is and American prom! These felt lovelies certainly personalise outfits. Here it adds details to a plain knit, but Anna Alicia also shows they work well on jacket lapels. See her full wonderful felt range here and an range of organic cottons pieces here
{bottom right} Silver Mix Hair Accessory add some fun to your hair!
There is also a dedicated wedding accessory shop with lots of great pieces in the same style as above including buttonholes for guys and even ring bearer pillows

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