February 2, 2010

cool tech - iphone covers

I'm considering joining the iPhone club soon. The biggest turn off for me has been the thought of being another drone with the same phone as everyone else around me. So it's been a delight to discover tovecorrie's range of custom leather iPhone cases.
These fabulous 100% leather cases are each printed with original designs. They have also been improving the case style. The latest style has a harder case and soft leather lining and best of all, the complete range of designs are available in this new style. There are so many to choose from. Here is my shortlist:
I would definitely enjoy pulling one of these out of my bag, or even carrying it around to meetings. Best of all, mine wouldn't get mixed up with all my colleagues.
The tovecorrie duo are etsy featured sellers today, so pop over here to learn a bit more about them.
For those retro fans out there - this cassette walkman case is very clever!
Also for those who like to accessorise, there is also a range of leather cuffs in the same great styles.


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