January 22, 2010

colour crush - yellow

I mentioned recently that I was relishing the chance to decorate the little 'powder room' in our house. I was on the hunt for a great mirror as a statement piece. I hit the jackpot after my little inspiration expedition. In one of those 'there at the right moment' events, the very day after my post the hubby and I were driving home when I spotted a perfect mirror. The best part is that it was just $5 from an antique store. It's a rectangle mirror with a thick wicker border. The wicker is in good condition, but the varnish has gone a slightly nasty brown colour. The plan is to revamp the mirror with a few coats of glossy black paint (this weekend hopefully). I then want to build on the black and white base with a vibrant colour that I can swap around when I get sick of it.
My current colour crush is bright yellow. Here are some great inspiration shots I've found

{another one from apartment therapy}

love this super sized bird cage {image from West Elm}
yellow, black and teal! What a combo {image from apartment therapy}

So what have I done with this colour crush? I turned to etsy for help of course. Here are some of my finds.

top left: Butter Yellow Poppies by The Gilded bee - I was thinking of winding these paper yellow poppies through the wicker frame of my mirror in a little cluster.
top right: Yellow Stripe Laundry Bag by Flaura Design - I like the idea of yellow and white fabric. Maybe I can stretch some over a frame for the walls.

bottom left: Mighty Mustache Hand Towel by Cyanide Stitches - This is definitely going on my wish list! I love this quirky hand towel.
bottom right: Lego Soap by Soap Lane - another totally cool addition to my wish list and it sounds like it would smell yummy with a mix of vanilla, coconut, sandalwood and more... Check this shop out for some really cool soaps like the Fight Club ones!
I have plenty of inspiration to head into the weekend with now!

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