January 19, 2010

Sweet Baking - Sugar & Spice Tags

As an out and proud sweet tooth, I wish I had more time for baking. I've already confessed a passion for macarons and even made a (failed) attempt at baking some for Christmas. They will take some practicing to get right. I've stuck to simpler baking since, like some sherry soaked Christmas cakes and some Finnish pulla (sweet buns). I think baked goods are always a nice gift and today I have found some great ways to make them even more presentable. These Sugar & Spice tags add some fun and colour to plates of food.

These are from Farouche's Etsy shop. I like the quirky phrases like this one above about Grandma's dentures.

I also really like the photos of these products. They are so colourful. There is a good mix in the illustration styles but they all have a great retro feel to them and the colours are so vibrant.

You can also check out their range of Giclee prints. These come in beautiful, vibrant colours and are all individually hand printed. Once again there is a great sense of humour in the quotes and images.
I am definitely a Farouche fan and am now off to check out their blog.

1 comment:

  1. I was just having a giggle at these today too! Love the retro styling. And LOVE your blog too!



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