January 4, 2010

Colourful cheer for the New Year

While I officially have come out of my Christmas holidays today, mentally I am still there. To kick-start the new year here on 'pretty' I thought would begin with a riot of colour.
I came across this really concept by Sony in Japan - Canvas@Sony. 3 Japanese designers are chosen to design skins for Sony Products - unfortunately a lot of the sites are in Japanese, but I did end up on the trail of one of the 2009 designers - Aki Miyajima. Her design was my favourite of the 3.

I don't need a laptop - but surely can find an excuse for one this pretty!
Here are the other products given the same treatment:

Check out the products and other designs here - it looks like they also display huge billboards of the winning designs on the side of a Sony building.
Anyway, as I mentioned I went on a bit of a journey with this designer and discovered some of her other work. Her portfolio is full of her signature look in both vivid colours as well as striking black and white illustrations. Here are a few of my faves.

Anyway I thought this was a nice colourful start to the new year!

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