November 6, 2009

Sweeeet macs

I have a current crush to fess up to... macarons! I love to look at them and more importantly to eat them. I think they are the 'new' cupcakes as the sweet of choice for those who embrace the pretty things in life!

What's not to like? These fluffy, divine pillows of eggs, almond meal and sugar, were cleverly concocted by the French and are a delicate, bite-size treat for sweet tooths like me. Don't know your macarons from macaroons - wikipedia can help you out here. The delicate image above however is from Aussie food blog Raspberri Cupcakes (just the name makes me drool a little!) Pop over here to read the fabulous tale behind these beautiful pink creations. She has a brilliant and funny way of telling her story - plus there is a recipe too!

What I really appreciate are the 'work in progress' photos she provides. I really appreciate these when cooking - especially something as complex as macarons. It's comforting to check your on the right path and reading her story it's a little miracle there are any to share at all!

... and then how devine is this shot! Don't you wish it had been you taking the bite! Just rewards for the hard work that goes into making macarons.

For Sydney-siders another local food blogger - Chocolate Suze - has conducted important market research comparing Lindt Maracons with Adriano Zumbo's. Check it out here... and of course if anyone wants to join me in giving a second opinion and verifying the results, I'll be there with bells on. The only question is which ones do we taste test first?

 OH my just read that Adriano Zumbo is celebrating his brithday by creating 60 macaron flavours and turning "the patisserie into a macaron paradise"! When - Tomorrow (november 6th)! 60 crazy flavours including: Iced Vovo, Goats Cheese and Bluebery, Golden Gaytime, Blue Cheese and Pear, Popcorn and Cheeseburger to name just a few! How would you choose?!


  1. Wow thank you so much for your kind words about my blog :) It really made my day! Five of us went to Zumbo yesterday and we ordered one of every flavour and ate them all in an hour and a half! It was craaazy!

  2. You are welcome. I'm very jealous about your Zumbo feast. Those flavours sounded really amazing and I'm very curious to find out what a cheeseburger one tasted like :-)



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