January 15, 2010

one day...Marc Pascal Lighting

One day I will own one of Marc Pascal's beautiful light pieces. Until then I can take pleasure form just having a look at them every now and then.
My original crush was on the Eyoi Yoi pendant light (named after a favourite phrase of his young daughter)
The light comes in various colour combinations - there is green medley that I particularly favour.
The stylised butterfly shapes are suspended from wires so there is a gentle movement to it. Light passes through the polycarbonate material so that the piece glows even without the light on.
This image sums up the beauty of the materials and shape really well.
Since this piece was designed, Pascal has created a few more lighting collections which I also love.
My second favourite is definitely the Orchid range. 
You can certainly see the inspiration of the orchid flowers on these more intricate shapes. Using the same technique of polycarbonate shapes suspended on wire, this is a more ornate piece using varigated colouring on some of the pieces.

And finally there is an all white collection - the Acacia.
Which would you choose? I'm still partial to my first favourite - the Eyoi Yoi
If you want more - check out Marc Pascal's website
There is also an interview (a few years old now) from The Age newspaper.

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