January 14, 2010

tweet tweet - Cuckoo Clocks and beyond

As the year gets off to a flying start I thought I would do a bit of clock watching today.
There are some really cool, quirky clocks out there like these modern takes on the Cuckoo Clock

Top Left: Progetti Cuckoo clock - a very modern take complete with a little bird in his house
Top Right: Cuckoo by Artificial - a slick, clean cut adaptation of the traditional design, this time the cuckoo is hidden behind a tiny door at the top.
Bottom: Halftime Cuckoo Clock - another modern take on the design with a clock face on the front of the bird house and a silhouetted cuckoo bird coming out the side
I would happily attach any of these to a wall in my home, but as I mentioned already I am on a self imposed bird ban. So no cuckoo clocks for me.

I love these running guys - uomino clocks by diamantini & domeniconi. They are so much fun and look amazing on this bright yellow.

They also come in a table top version.

This Butterfly Clock is a great way to turn the function need for a wall clock into a piece of art.

...and finally here is something with a retro feel. These mantle dome clocks are also a great way to disguise a clock in a decorating item.

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