January 6, 2010

a little space to decorate

So I have a little room (a powder room if you like) that has just been lightened up with a white coat of paint by my hubby. I'm excited and ready to flex my decorating muscles in the smallest room in the house. I have had some vague ideas but thought I would go out and look for some more inspiration. I headed straight to Living Etc and checked out their bathroom galleries
I like this very feminine approach. Unfortunately I don't have the budget for those really cool tiles or room for a hot pink chair either... but I do like the mirror. I am quite partial to round shapes and already have an amazing big cut work mirror sitting right outside this rooms door. It might be nice continuity having an round or oval mirror.

Here's a way of injecting some colour. As a separate little space which sits behind a closed door most of the time I like the idea of introducing an all new colour to our home. I have been partial to this shade of acid yellow for a while. This could be a good way of sprucing up a second hand mirror.

I could also introduce some colour with a feature panel behind the mirror like this. I initially thought of a great wallpaper panel and got excited at the prospect of only needing a small amount (therefore it was affordable) but the reality is that would run behind a sink and get water damaged very quickly. A bright paint colour though is a good comprimise.

This mirror with a little ledge for a teeny tiny display is a great idea. I'll have to look out for one.
Anyway I am quite inspired now to go out and search first for a mirror and then get a colour theme going.

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