November 30, 2009

Hummingbird Hunt

There is no denying it now - Christmas is coming! I thought I would have a look around at the card offerings of some of my fav online paper maestros and this is how I came to find the Christmas collection from The Hummingbird Card Company. They are a British company specialising in laser cut cards. They have some very sweet cards for all occasions and some of the cut work is incredibly delicate.

Here is a small selection from the Christmas range.
From left: Snowflake, Folk Bauble, Christmas Tree and Vintage Baubles
See the rest here.
What I am more in love with however are the Christmas Decorations - laser cut card decorations. They are a bit of a steal I think for about $13 aussie for a set of 6 - however you will need to organise postage from the UK.


I really like the way they cast shadows on the wall. I will keep a look out for something similar locally for my own tree.
{all images from The Hummingbird Card Company}

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