December 2, 2009

Colour Crush - Electric Blue

I have been a dedicated blue girl for a very long time. I actually have so much blue glass from my teen decorating days that most of it is in storage. Electric blue is a colour which I think went a bit out of fashion for while, but I am re-embracing it with a passion. I have put a little collection together of a few finds that I think show why this hue is so exciting.

What a cool way to decorate with plates. I see so many pretty plates out there and this is a clever way to show them off
A pop of blue in some feature pieces makes a neutral room come alive.
I like the use of a subtle blue shade on the wall that is picked up by the brighter blue homewares.

A Moroccan alley - if only all alleyways were this picturesque!

A colour for your home and yourself! Love it.
Of course a piece of Deloris Petunia jewellery would also fit in nicely with this colour collection!

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