November 12, 2009

the simplest things

So things are pretty crazy lately and just now I took a few minutes just to "pretty-out". My version of a time-out where I escape to blog land and just get my fill of pretty things. My usual starting point is Decor8 and today I have fallen totally in love thanks to Holly's post here about bailey doesn't bark, a stunning homewares and "life accessories" company. The beautiful Brazilian born, New York based illustrator Re Jin, has created sublime products which are just so simple...yet so perfect!

I am totally in love with this Teabag Mug and Teaspoon Plate

The simplicity and cleverness is right up my alley.

Having just had a picnic lunch fighting off ants, the Ants On My Mug  isn't quite as appealing, but fun and clever none-the-less.
There is also a beautiful stationary range including this Happy Holidays card. I know I would very happily receive this card for Christmas - it would go straight into a frame and on display!
Pop over to the shop here and find your favourite pieces.
Creative people like Re Jin really show that it is often the simplist things that can bring joy!
{all images from bailey doesn't bark }

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  1. Thank you for this lovely shout out!

    <3 the gals at Bailey Doesn't Bark.



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