November 24, 2009

A quick brag

It was with much joy that the stars aligned for me at the end of last week and I was able to make it to Magnolia Square this past Saturday. What a treat, it was actually a bit of a sensory overload with so much prettiness from many creative and talented people. I certainly have collected some great new blog topics for the coming weeks!
I will be bragging today about the purchase I made from the lovely Bride and Wolfe.

I am now the happy owner of this little guy - Blackwood Flying Bird. He is a lovely maple colour on one side and black on the other. I just adore the little squirrel climbing up the tail with his paws up! I will admit it was a tough decision to choose as all the pieces are so sweet.

These Heart Birds were the close runners up for my purchase - again spot the little squirrel chasing the heart.
Then there is this lovely Hummingbird piece. I really like the shape this makes on the wall and the way it captures the bird in full flight

This Bird with Eggs piece really needed to be seen to be fully appreciated. The little coloured eggs come out from underneath the bird and can be arranged separately. The perch also can be flipped around so the bird nestles into the curve. The you can choose to have the timber finish on one side and a either black or white on the other. What a versatile piece! Perfect if you are like me and like to play around with how things are displayed around you home.

Another really cool piece is 'Monsieur Chapeau'. Made up of 3 pieces you can turn the hand to be pointing up and balance the moustache on the fingertip. Very cool huh?
Pop over to Bride and Wolfe and enjoy more of these beautiful timber silhouettes. They make really great decorative pieces for kids rooms. Oh and everything is all hand made in Melbourne with free shipping within Australia and New Zealand right now.

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