October 20, 2009

a world of colour

As a visual designer there are days when I believe there are not enough colours in the world. Today I'm sharing one of my favourite inspiration blogs: Kris's Color Stripes. With every visit a whole new world of colour combination possibilities opens up to me. It's especially helpful when having a colour block!
The very talented Kris lets us have a look into her colour diary where she uses photographs and objects to create colour pallettes. Not only have I discovered previously un-thought of colour combinations, I have been inspired by Kris to look in all sorts of places for colour inspiration.

{ all images from Kris's Color Stripes }
Would you have looked in these places for these colours? If you are after a specific colour, you can use this blog and use the menu at the right to find pallettes with specific colours.
So head over to Kris's blog for a dose of creative colour inspiration.

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