October 15, 2009

A tasty suprise

I may be a bit slow on learning this, but look at these beautiful faces...

It has come as a very tasty suprise to me that these are the artworks of Poh Ling Yeow, best known to most of us as the runner up in the first season of Masterchef.
Isn't she an amazing artist! I have Lisa over at The Red Thread blog to thank for this lovely little revelation. I read about her long admiration for Poh's work this morning. As a long time fan she knows a lot about Poh's style so have a read over here and learn a bit more about some exhibitions and the artist's style.


These are a few of the images you can browse through on Poh's website

Absolutely stunning! Make sure you take a peek yourself
{All images from Poh Ling Yeow}

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