October 19, 2009

A bright start

I'm enjoying the explosion of colour going on around as Spring gets down to business. My favourites are jacaranda and bougainvillea. We have a vine of deep red bougainvillea across our homes front entrance that is jam packed with flowers right now and there are a few jacaranda trees beginning to flower close by too.
In ode to this, I have gone hunting for floral colour today and here's what I found...

The 2 colourful photos above are from a Flickr gallery by Frozen Lotus. I love a good macro shot of flowers. The yellow flowers are so delicate and almost paper like.

While more muted in colour I love the feel of these flower photographs {above} by Rebecca Simm.

..and then these as well by Cathy Rojas's portfolio on Behance.
Flowers make such good photography subjects - colour, texture and all the wonders of nature that you only get to see close up through a camera lens.
Hope you enjoy this bright start to the week!

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