October 6, 2009

Plastic fantastic

After an unsuccessful weekend hunt for resin jewellery, I thought I would cheer myself up with some of my fave etsy stores. Each of these stores has something I would be very pleased to wear and they really appeal to the graphic designer in me!
Plastique is a store with definite appeal for the designers out there. Who wouldn't proudly walk around with any of these pieces. The creator Jen herself is a graphic designer so she sure knows her market!
These curly typographic shapes have a particular appeal to me as I am quite renowned for my curly doodles.
Isette is a store full of lovely pieces but my fave are these 3.Could it be because they all look like an 'e'?

What I really like about Untamed Menagerie's pieces is that there is that little extra piece of imagination added. Silhouettes are super trendy but the talented Penny and Nikki add that little bit of whimsy which makes their peices stand out from the crowd!
I hope you enjoyed this little preview. Please visit each of the shops for yourself.
Images from top:
All collages by me!

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